The Digital Dustbin of History VII

There have been all types of wildfires, storms, and hurricanes plaguing the US in recent years. Of course, there is immense physical damage from these disasters; but what some companies may not realize is that their virtual property can suffer damage as well.  Now with the recent innovations in data storage, IT specialists have to be more knowledgeable about data recovery than ever before.

When finding a good IT specialist or POS software, there are a few emerging technologies you should make sure your new investment is proficient in. This article shows four main areas of cloud services, server and desktop virtualizations, the proliferation of mobile devices as storage for the workforce, and even the growing popularity of social networking as a business data tool.

This article goes into a very detailed breakdown of each new area. Readers will become knowledgeable about all of these IT recovery areas by reading this descriptive article. For example, you will learn why saving to a virtual server can save hours in IT recovery. There are also some tips about what to save to a mobile device verse saving on your company’s server.


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