30 July, 2012 - - News -

In an economic climate where it is essential to differentiate your business in order to attract and keep money tight consumers, any new customer service tactic can significantly increase profitability. Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) is a strategy that provides a new way for businesses to do just that. Currently, most businesses have separate consumer […]

27 July, 2012 - - News -

Every year, while more and more customers do their shopping online, a Forrester research survey shows that 75% of customers still prefer to buy products at a store. In-store pickup is the optimal combination of online research and the in-store shopping experience; and should be worth the considering to implement for a variety of reasons. […]

25 July, 2012 - - News -

New technological tools are being released almost every day in our ever evolving world. This article pinpoints a specific new technological tool: the wireless sensor. This tool has the potential to disrupt any and every industry in practice today. These little sensors have the ability to detect and record endless amounts of data. Anything from […]

20 July, 2012 - - News -

Shoppers using smartphones to compare prices are more likely to make an in-store purchase than non-smartphone users. The Mobile Influence Factor states that the research, comparison, and other applications smartphone users engage in; influences about 5.1 percent of yearly retail store sales. In the year 2016, smartphones influence will grow enough to account for 19 […]

18 July, 2012 - - News -

Millennials have begun to replace Baby-Boomers as the primary consumer generation, creating chaos for grocers. Starting in 2020, Millennials will be over the age of 25 and make up approximately 19 percent of the United States population. Millennials have extremely different views about consumption of goods than Baby Boomers —creating a problem for grocers. David […]

16 July, 2012 - - News -

Technology is increasingly more complex, and even though you might know what your business needs; deciding who is right to manage that technology is another issue to consider altogether. In-house IT specialists might be closer to your business and be able to deal with issues quickly, but they also must keep with technological advancements and […]

13 July, 2012 - - News -

As retailers add more web applications to their operations and store tons of web data, “cloud” services become more popular. Using cloud-based computing makes sense because it can store as much data as a retailer has, but it can come with its own risks, particularly if the host’s servers go down, like Amazon Web Services […]

2 July, 2012 - - News -

In Accenture’s 2011 Global Risk Management Study in the Retail Industry, there were worries for those who manage supply chains because of the cost increases on property insurance and catastrophe-exposed areas. Brokers have started working on new approaches to help retailers handle these increasing costs, like Marsh’s Marine Cargo Retail Stock-Throughput program. Stock-throughput coverage lets […]

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