31 August, 2012 - - News -

The article gives certain demographic details on the usage and sale of Apple iPads. According to the article, sales of iPads have grown. The majority of sales belong to males in the age group of 25 to 35. iPad are used mostly for sending emails, reading newspapers, and visiting social networking sites. Check out this […]

31 August, 2012 - - News -

Personalized shopping is the trend for both online and brick and mortar stores and more technologies are coming for support. Heat cameras in stores can tally customer traffic, for example, and Wi-Fi can track a person’s movement with their cell phone. RFID device tags record how often something is picked up, telling marketers what piques […]

29 August, 2012 - - News -

Competition is not a problem for a start-up company. Rather, it gives a new company advantages most people don’t think of. Here are some reasons competitors are helpful to people just starting out: People often launch ideas in a market that doesn’t actually exist, making it difficult to find buyers. If you have competition, then […]

27 August, 2012 - - Uncategorized -

With all of the channels for retail sales, businesses must find the best ways to process product, supplier, and consumer information to stay competitive. By successfully managing and leveraging operational knowledge, companies can increase profits, reduce risk, and make smart decisions. Here are five ways to leverage product information: Speed up the time it takes […]

24 August, 2012 - - News -

Online marketers are constantly trying to find ways to attract new customers. Especially social media marketing, that focuses on gaining followers and growing audiences. However, they may be spending too much time in this area and not enough energy on potentially the best kind of customer: the eternally loyal customer. Loyal customers will buy the […]

22 August, 2012 - - News -

There have been all types of wildfires, storms, and hurricanes plaguing the US in recent years. Of course, there is immense physical damage from these disasters; but what some companies may not realize is that their virtual property can suffer damage as well.  Now with the recent innovations in data storage, IT specialists have to […]

20 August, 2012 - - News -

If retailers want to keep the attention of 16-25 year olds, they will have to not use technology; but use it in innovative ways. Consumers are beginning to choose their brands based on that brand’s ability to use technology, in fact. However, it isn’t enough to make a video; brands must give customers a seamless […]

17 August, 2012 - - News -

Muhtar Kent, chair and chief executive of the Coca-Cola Company, writes that today’s market is much like the one back when he joined the company in 1970. Recession, growth of an emerging market (then Japan), and the rising oil prices caused people to worry that the U.S. might get left behind. Instead, the U.S. market […]

15 August, 2012 - - News -

The publisher of Point of Sales News analyzed the problems retailers are experiencing with internal theft. A survey conducted by PointofSales.com on retail theft and fraud revealed that respondents experienced more internal theft than external by a 3-1 ratio. Almost three quarters (71.4 %) of retailers in the survey responded that internal theft was a […]

13 August, 2012 - - News -

Multi-user systems are defined as systems with more than one station. For instance, there might be one cash register at the front of the store, and a computer in the back office purchasing orders and inputting other data; but they are connected through a server. This is also known as a local area network or […]

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