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This article is about third-party fulfillment and its comparison to internal fulfillment costs. 3PF costs depend upon volume of orders, transactions, service level metrics, and company profile data. 3PF costs make sense for larger companies that must consider things like volume and fulfillment efficiency. In short, efficiency is the deciding factor and bottom line. Read […]

20 May, 2013 - - News -

PDI announced a joint venture with iControl Systems to introduce a new supply chain solution to exchange pricebook item, cost, promotion, and invoice information in real-time. PDI also introduced a new addition to its core software.This improvement to the software will help supervisors improve productivity and efficiency through effective time and labor management. It is […]

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This article is about PayPal’s new offerings. These include: credit, debit, check, etc. They also offer clients free payment processing. Read full post here:     PayPal Offers PayPal Here Customers Free Payment Processing

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The article compares the pros and cons of 14 different mobile payment services. The first few are Square and GoPayent, while the bottom four are globalIXcard, MCX, Boku, and PayToo. The most intuitive seems to be Boki because this technology allows merchants to accept payments via mobile numbers, and it appears on the person’s phone […]

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This article is about banks’ offerings on their mobile websites. The article compares Chase (with it being first), La Caixa, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Royal Bank of Canada, and Citi. The UK is slow to take mobile banking seriously–late to launch and haven’t caught up. HSBC doesn’t allow any transactions on its iPhone app. […]

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This article is about marketing automation, while also reducing the cost per automation in the form of sales. The keys are content marketing and marketing automation. Leads are also important because they drive ROI from lead generation. Read full post here: The Lean, Mean Sales Machine

16 May, 2013 - - News -

In California, paperless tickets for live music entertainment events got an endorsement from state lawmakers recently as they voted in favor of preserving the divisive technology. Paperless tickets cannot be transferred or resold and can be redeemed only by the purchaser at the venue. Industry observers viewed the legislation as having a negative impact on […]

15 May, 2013 - - News -

Paying attention to the growing trend of consumers turning to internet-based cloud services, Adobe Systems Inc. announced that it is exiting the packaged software business in favor of selling its biggest products, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, only as online services. Adobe is one of the largest software publishers and has been selling packaged software […]

15 May, 2013 - - News -

In a move that would give it access to a growing market, McAfee Inc., a unit of Intel Corp., has offered to purchase Finnish software firm, Stonesoft for $389 million cash. The offer represents a premium of more than 142 percent over the volume-weighted average price of Stonesoft shared during the past year. A McAfee […]

14 May, 2013 - - News -

The article talks about the ability of small, niche companies to compete in their markets against larger, more well known brands. One of the examples given is of Warby Parker, who, along with his co-founder, created a niche eyewear company. Their next goal is to do the same in the men’s grooming industry with a […]

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