12 June, 2013 - - News -

  Retailers lose billions of dollars every year to theft and fraud. Unfortunately, because so much business is now being conducted online, thieves are able to exploit online channels to defraud and steal from retailers. However, there are a number of strategies retailers can use to protect against such criminal activity, including partnering with local […]

11 June, 2013 - - News -

Google is starting to become part of the online shopping trend. To compete with top online retailers such as Amazon, Google is using a program called Trusted Stores to help online shoppers find the best source to buy the product they are looking for. The program grades retailers on the quality of their customer service […]

11 June, 2013 - - News -

This article talks about consumers’ preferences in payment options. In the article a study is mentioned that suggests that 29% of consumers would take their smartphone over their wallet, and explain why. The article also mentions that people are claiming to be disappointed in businesses that are behind the times in terms of digital technology. […]

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