18 September, 2013 - - News -

Back-to-school sales are expected to go down this year, and in the years to come. This article examines a number of reasons behind this growing trend–from the impact of year-round school calendars to the effects of online shopping and the increasing durability and longevity of smartphones and tablets. Read the full article here: Five Trends […]

17 September, 2013 - - News -

After a record-breaking holiday season in 2012, mobile commerce is expected to do the same in 2013. With a growth rate of about 30 percent, experts are suggesting mobile sales could make up over 20 percent of holiday sales this season. Check out what retailers are doing to take advantage of this trend. Read the […]

16 September, 2013 - - News -

Over the course of the year, AT&T plans to remove counters and even cash registers from some of their retail stores to make the customer more at ease while shopping. In place of counters, AT&T plans to incorporate “private booths” allowing the customer to sit down and relax. The idea is to create a store […]

16 September, 2013 - - News -

Ever wonder how someone falls in love with working in retail? This article offers the story of Joshua Truppo, a current Macy’s manager who began his retail journey working at Toys “R” Us. He loves the diversity of career opportunities the retail industry offers, as well as contributing to customers’ lives in a positive way. […]

12 September, 2013 - - News -

According to a recent survey, moms between the ages of 18 and 34 are 44 percent more likely to own a smartphone than older moms, and more than half of them use them while shopping at grocery stores to search for discounts and promotions. They also tend to use them in the kitchen, as well, […]

11 September, 2013 - - News -

The success of Patagonia.com, the website of the well-known outdoor clothing retailer, offers a number of insights other businesses can learn from. When creating your business’s website, here are four things you need to make sure to to do: reflect your culture, tell awesome stories, showcase customer content, and practice minimalism. Read the full article […]

11 September, 2013 - - News -

Whether you eat fast food for the affordability, the convenience, or simply the taste, there are some tips and tricks that can make your dining experience even better. This article features a treasure trove of advice provided by employees of fast food establishments like McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway, that can help you get more […]

10 September, 2013 - - News -

It’s no secret that social media has become a regular component of our daily lives. Everyone is using it, no matter their age. Given that reality, it’s important for retailers to be on board with social media, as well. This article offers three great tips for using social-media giant Facebook to the advantage of your […]

10 September, 2013 - - News -

The fast food industry is growing particularly fond of two types of food that have been, up to this point, decidedly unexplored: the pretzel and the waffle. Wendy’s, Blimpie, Sonic, and even Dunkin’ Donuts are all building new menu ideas involving pretzels. Waffles seem to be on the rise as well, with Taco Bell, Auntie […]

9 September, 2013 - - News -

In another big step toward monetization, the popular social media site Pinterest is adding price alerts to their website. By providing users with active price updates on their pins via email, the new feature positions Pinterest to challenge recent startups like Decide.com which aim to assist customers regarding the best times to buy.  Read the […]

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