7 November, 2013 - - News -

The sub-minimum wage has not been raised in over 22 years, creating a large disparity in the pay between those earning minimum wage and non-tipped wage earners like waiters. There is currently motion in congress to increase the sub-minimum wage standard, but it faces serious push back from restaurant owners. Read the full article here: […]

6 November, 2013 - - News -

In order to grow a successful business that maintains a happy and loyal consumer base, it’s important that your company is known for it’s accountability. This article discusses three great ways to establish your business’s accountability in the eyes of the public, including establishing core values and constantly driving toward improvements.  Read the full article […]

5 November, 2013 - - News -

With any small business, the key to success is keeping your customers happy. Happy customers come back to you, and spread the word about your business to their friends, meaning growth for you. While the internet has changed how we do business, the importance of building relationships has not changed. This article provides a number […]

5 November, 2013 - - News -

Not all mobile shoppers are alike. This article outlines the five major types of m-shoppers: exploiters, savvys, price-sensitives, experience-seekers, and traditionalists. By understanding the different kinds of mobile shoppers out there, you can make sure you provide them with the mobile experience necessary to turn would be showroomers into in-store shoppers. Read the full article […]

4 November, 2013 - - News -

There’s a reason Amazon is so successful: they make shopping online easy for the consumer. This article discuss a number of ways other retailers can learn a thing or two from the billion dollar company, including personalizing the shopping experience by offering related products as you shop, and making the process of searching for products […]

1 November, 2013 - - News -

With the threat of showrooming unlikely to go away anytime soon, more and more retailers are finding ways to adapt. Some of the ways stores have come up with to get customers to purchase items at their store rather than online is to boost the in-store experience and offer prices similar to those found on […]

1 November, 2013 - - News -

Social Commerce, an umbrella term coined by Yahoo in 2005 which refers to the ways internet users directly or indirectly affect other’s online spending, has become a big part of the e-Commerce scene over the last number of years. This infographic describes seven kinds of social commerce and the impact they have had on online […]

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