23 February, 2015 - - News -

Physical stores are still where many consumers make their final purchases, even though the digital age has encouraged more online shopping and browsing. A recent annual consumer survey discovered that over 19,000 respondents reported preferring a physical store because they prefer an in-store experience over an online one. The report also states that only 27% […]

22 February, 2015 - - News -

In a recent survey of large retail merchants, 56% of respondents said that apps are not a key component of their mobile strategies. Why wouldn’t retailers want or need to invest in mobile apps? They may prove more wasteful than valuable. Many retailers are finding out that no matter what they do, they cannot push […]

21 February, 2015 - - News -

Check out the three key words for loyalty marketing traditionally selected to set the course for loyalty marketing. These three words are a great way to set goals and can generate better results over the course of a year rather than trying to live up to certain New Year’s resolutions. The three words for 2015 […]

20 February, 2015 - - News -

Brick-and-mortar stores are desperate to find innovative ways to encourage buyers to leave their computers and shop in stores. Retailers that join the crowd and engage in high-tech applications to better engage and serve in-store customers may have more customer care and order fulfillment that could erase the distinction between offline and online shopping. Many […]

20 February, 2015 - - News -

Here are 10 tips to consider when reaching out to the press. Getting attention is always great for keeping your business at the front of people’s minds. Make sure you know how to gain publicity by professionally communicating with your customers and potential customers. By reaching out to them and knowing what to say when […]

20 February, 2015 - - News -

Small businesses can come across challenges in the early days. Your product or service could be great, but if customers don’t know about it, they can’t buy it! This article examines some of the ways new businesses with limited resources may be able to reach out to the mass-consumer market. The four tips here will […]

19 February, 2015 - - News -

Check out ways to encourage your customers to buy additional items before they leave. One great way to accomplish this is to make your customers see something else that improves their first purchase. This works great if you sell flooring, apparel, window fashions, and more. The most common phrase from any sales clerk is, “Anything […]

19 February, 2015 - - News -

Retail stores often struggle to stay open and have to make the decision to remain open rather than closing up shop.  Some unprofitable businesses may be a tax shelter. Businesses exist to serve a wide assortment of customers in order to make a profit. When they can’t do that anymore and the losses cannot be […]

19 February, 2015 - - News -

Shoppers often waste money at the grocery store without realizing it. Check out the 12 most common expensive mistakes and how to avoid them. Some of these mistakes include paying full price for meat, not using the freezer to buy items in bulk when they are on sale, and splurging in the wrong department. These […]

18 February, 2015 - - News -

To improve your own performance, you should do your homework and take a look at other retailers’ performances. Some data from last year indicates that email is number one for return on investment. However, there is much that needs to improve when it comes to this category. In addition to evaluating your email performance, consider […]

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