3 February, 2015 - - News -

When starting a business, you need money to make it happen. But you may not have money because you’re not making any profit. So what’s an entrepreneur to do? One way to solve the problem is to take out a loan. Here’s what you need to consider before picking your loan. First, you should ask […]

2 February, 2015 - - News -

In two short years the retailing world is going to change. In fact, a couple of years will change it more than the last 20 years have. Retailers have been integrating mobile technology with in-store retailing to get the most sales from their customers. Don’t take mobile lightly. Give your customers the option to pay […]

1 February, 2015 - - News -

When it comes to online retail privacy, many consumers believe that privacy is just an illusion. This article explains how a majority are uncomfortable with how much of their data retailers hold. They’re also not comfortable with giving out information for special offers. However, many of them don’t read sites’ privacy policies, and many are […]

1 February, 2015 - - News -

You’ve likely heard about all of the recent data breaches that have occurred lately. Did you know that most of them could have been prevented? This piece lists a few ways that you can protect your business from security breaches. One way is to set strict password protection for your employees, making them change their […]

1 February, 2015 - - News -

When setting up a store, you’re in direct competition with hundreds of other stores that sell the same product. The only way to compete is through price, right? Nope. This article shows that there’s a different way that doesn’t drive your profits down: engagement. Customers want to be engaged with. Another tactic is to make […]

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