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E-commerce has grown exponentially in the past decade as a means of reaching an increasingly digital customer base. With that in mind, this article presents three alternatives to the traditional e-commerce model that may be just as effective. Learn more below! Read the full article here: 3 Alternative E-Commerce Models | Online Sales

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Mobile technology has found its way into all aspects of business, and small businesses are not excluded. In fact, a recent set of surveys found that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets play an important role in every facet of business, whether it’s remote email access, texting, calendar management, document access, or even cloud-hosted […]

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Retailers can use micro-fencing technology to engage with millennial customers through their smart devices. The technology can be used in a variety of ways, from loyalty programs and offers based on a shopper’s in-store location, to streamlining the checkout process. Retailers can also use the tech to benefit from access to shopper demographics and powerful […]

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Since the beginning of our education, our efforts have been driven by those around us unto subjects that may have not come as naturally as others. What if that time had been spent honing the skills that were far above the average of those around you? Specialization has nurtured the growth of the human mind […]

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Many believe that there is a magic formula essential to keeping a small or medium-size business afloat in today’s competitive market. But there is no magic formula! Only hard work and dedication will bring success to a small business. A combination of setting goals, hiring the right people, and a few more great ideas will […]

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If you were born in the mid to late 1990’s, you could be considered a part of Generation Z. With an estimated buying power of forty-four billion, Gen Z could have a severe impact on the future of retail. They have discovered that shopping online is much easier than the hassle of driving to the […]

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Learn how to make big changes without blowing up your business. Learn from a leader with lots of experience, responsible for leading a large company. From public speaking to learning the five key steps of how any organization should work before rolling anything major out, each stage details of what you should do to keep […]

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Chances are you either own or frequent a customer-service oriented business. These businesses often employ secret shoppers to understand the customer service experience through the eyes of a customer. As it turns out, these secret shoppers are reporting quite a few common themes. Read this article to learn how to avoid the most common customer […]

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Before expanding your business, it’s important to have thought it through. First, is the business comfortable? A comfortable environment will have more success. How much extra work will an expanded business require? You’ll need to know this in order to hire more people. Find out what else you’ll need to know to expand successfully. Read […]

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If you have a sales lead, but you still have not closed the deal, you should be asking yourself certain questions, including: Have you convinced your prospective client that change will save money compared to the status quo? Read on to find out four more reasons why your deal may not be closing. Read the […]

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