1. It is best to test the impact and compatibility of the Fusion Acumatica Customization packages upfront, in a non-production environment.
  2. Being a part of the configuration process is becoming more and more important as our feature set grows with WMS. Being there on Day 1 is key for a successful go-live. How many times have we gotten through a six-month installation process of Acumatica and found out that they configured ACU in a certain way, only to discover that we don’t support that process?
  3. There are certain things that must be configured correctly in Acumatica for POS and WMS to work well. It can be challenging to change some of these configuration settings, such as order types and numbering sequences, after the fact.
  4. The addition of Fusion software will impact business processes. Why learn an initial pre-Fusion process just to learn another?
  5. A mutual installation cuts down costs for both the reseller and the customer. For example, every reseller has to import bins into a system. Without Fusion installed, they cannot add the fields required for down stock, pick sequencing, etc.
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