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Fusion Shop Floor

Remote Entry of Critical Data in Acumatica Manufacturing
Via Handheld Devices

Acumatica Manufacturing delivers a powerful solution for multiple manufacturing environments; efficiently managing inventory, costs and processes. Fusion Shop Floor (FusionSF) updates Acumatica Manufacturing in real time and at various critical points throughout the manufacturing process:

  • Release Material
  • Labor Entry
  • Move to Inventory

FusionSF’s consistent screens mirror the processes in Acumatica Manufacturing, making it both easy to learn and use.


Improved Shop Floor Accuracy

  • Only enter Data Once
  • Directs work flow
  • Seamless Acumatica integration
  • Works with most Android Handhelds or Tablets

Improved Shop Floor Visibility

  • Real-time production updates
  • Mobile (handheld) or stationary (tablet) interface to fit the task

Integrates with FusionWMS

  • Shop Floor is easily enhanced with relevant warehouse functionality like Item Look-up; Bin Look-up, Transfer, issue, etc., all managed directly from the handheld / Tablet device.


Barcoded Production Ticket

Delivered as part of the core application, FusionFS provides barcoded Production Tickets (or Traveler) which follow the Production Order throughout the manufacturing process. Unique barcodes are associated with each ticket; production step, inventory item, and employee.

Work center entry can be accomplished by scanning the barcode on the Production Ticket or the work center itself. Barcoded employee badges allow for easy labor entry.

Release Materials

When ready to commit inventory into production use the FusionSFRelease Materials function from an Android handheld unit or tablet.

The Production Ticket will guide the operator through the warehouse illustrating the locations where the inventory resides and the quantities on hand.

Scan or enter the Production Ticket ID, Operation ID, pick from Bin, Item, UOM and Quantity. For any operation, data from multiple Production Tickets may be entered one after the other.

The Commit process will populate the Acumatica Materials screen and execute the Release function. After selecting Commit the serial or lot tracked detail can be round in the Allocations menu of the Materials screen. A confirmation will be returned to the device.

Labor Entry

Labor Entry provides the ability to record labor hours and Scrap, if any. In addition, when configured Labor Entry on the last work center will complete production (full or partial) in Acumatica.

Scan or enter the Production Ticket ID and Warehouse, Item and UOM will default from it. Then Scan or enter the following:

  •  Operation Number (OP #)
  • Employee ID
  • Shift
  • Hours
  • Bin
  • Scrap Qty
  • Qty to move

The Commit process will populate the Acumatica Labor Entry screen and execute the Release function. A confirmation will be returned to the device.

Move Inventory

Depending on how Acumatica is configured, this process may be required to complete production.

Scan or Enter the Production Ticket number and Warehouse, Item and UOM will default from it.  Enter the BIN (the bin into which the finished good(s) will be introduced), and Scrap if any.

When the commit process is complete you will receive a confirmation on the handheld. You can now open the Move to see the details in Acumatica.

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