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What is FusionPOS for Acumatica?

A fully integrated, state of the art Point of Sale Register managed in the cloud that updates Acumatica with accurate customer information, transaction data, revenue, costs and profits, in real time.

See Ali Jani, Acumatica’s VP Chief Product Officer, in an excerpt from the Acumatica Summit’s keynote showcasing the integration of their new APIs and functionality with our FusionPOS.


The Acumatica register is directly integrated into the back office. No batching, no syncing, no end of day upload. Inventory, customers and pricing are maintained in the Acumatica though customers may be added or updated from the register.


Finally a retail software platform that ideal for one store or one thousand store operations. Relax knowing that whatever the future holds your store software will handle it.


Simply go to the Apple store or Google market and download the Fusion Acumatica register. Once installed point it to the properly configured instance of Acumatica and begin operations.


All registers are updated with the latest software automatically with sign on. No more late night updates.


Add registers as you need them all with an affordable monthly subscription. Seasonal registers are also available.


Acumatica Retail offers a Cash Register for simple lane operations or a Customer Service Register which features a bidirectional Sales Order integration. Ideal for internet orders to be picked up at the store.

How FusionPOS for Acumatica - Cash Register Works?

  1. Install Fusion’s customization files in Acumatica.

2. Download and install the FusionPOS app from the App Store or Google Play.

3. Launch the app, configure the FusionPOS for Acumatica settings and done!

The FusionPOS Cash Register is designed for quick sale cash and carry environments. It can work paired with FusionPOS – CSR for more complex environments.

Key Features

CRM functionality

All customer data, maintained in Acumatica may be edited from within the register subject to security. New customers may bea dded from the register including management selected required fields.

User Security

Register users are defined and controlled from within Acumatica. User name and password are required at login or with each transaction.

Easy updates

All register updates are automatically downloaded once initiated by Management.

Enhanced Graphics

Product images controlled from Acumatica are visible at the register.

Customer History

A complete customer sales history is available from the register.

Integrated EMV Credit Card

The FusionPOS – CR offers fully integrated EMV i.e. “chip & pin” credit card

Flexible Hardware Options

The software runs on any modern tablet device using iOS, Android or Windows.

Easy updates

All register updates are automatically downloaded once initiated by Management

Acumatica Retail

Acumatica Retail is a fully integrated retail environment including the following:

AcumaticaPOS - CR

The Acumatica Cash Register is designed for quick sale cash and carry environments. It can work paired with AcumaticaPOS – CSR for more complex environments.

AcumaticaPOS - CSR

The Acumatica Customer Service Register builds on the feature set of the CR by adding bi-directional Sales Order integration allowing Sales Orders to created from or closed at the register.

Acumatica ERP

Acumatica is a robust ERP solution which can reside in the cloud or on premises.

FusionWMS – Stock Room

Stock Room is a light warehouse management application ideal for a retail store. Receive POs / TOs; physical count; item location and moves, etc.

FusionWMS -Advanced

FusionWMS – Advanced is designed for more complex warehouse environments. It includes complete shipping capabilities, ideal for today’s omni channel retail environment.

Fusion G&L

Fusion Gift and Loyalty is a unique mobile app which operates on any smart phone and integrates with AcumaticaPOS. It includes complete management of gift card and loyalty points including robust reporting capabilities.

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