17 January, 2019 - - News -

Many retailers are looking for anything that will give them a competitive edge with their customers. The 103rd National Retail Federation will be showcasing some of the best technology on the market, some of which may be able to help retailers. Some of this tech can be integrated with social media, which will improve consumers’ […]

29 June, 2016 - - Acumatica -

It is best to test the impact and compatibility of the Fusion Acumatica Customization packages upfront, in a non-production environment. Being a part of the configuration process is becoming more and more important as our feature set grows with WMS. Being there on Day 1 is key for a successful go-live. How many times have […]

27 May, 2016 - - Uncategorized -

What products/services does your company provide? We opened a convenience store in the foodservice industry. Who does your company serve? We serve walk-in retail customers and employees. What is your role at the company? I’m the CTO of Hawaii Foodservice Alliance . Which accounting system are you using? We’re using Sage. How did the implementation process […]

19 November, 2015 - - Acumatica -

What is FusionWMS – Advanced for Acumatica ? FusionWMS – Core delivered Acumatica functionality to a handheld in the warehouse. Receiving, transfers, picking, shipping, etc. were all brought to the warehouse via a handheld interface. FusionWMS – Advanced adds new functionality to Acumatica and then extends that to the warehouse. Unit of measure barcodes, license […]

18 October, 2015 - - Reseller success story -

As an accounting software reseller for major companies like U.S. Food Service, Expedia, and dozens of retailers, Opus Consulting Group has to feel very confident with every product it recommends. That’s why the company works with Fusion Retail Management System. Opus CEO, Tim Phillips, says that a lot of companies he’s worked with are all […]

2 September, 2015 - - New Functionality -

We recently sat down with Matt Gray, Customer Service Director for FusionRMS. Our topic of discussion was the newly released FusionWMS for Acumatica – Advanced. Can you explain the benefits of  FusionWMS for Acumatica – Advanced? The WMS component is a handheld interface for processing inventory and moving inventory into, within, and out of warehouses. It extends […]

31 August, 2015 - - Customer Successes -

FusionRMS sat down with Kelly Nix, the Director of Stores and Assistant Buyer for R. Stafford Company, an independently owned wholesale beauty supply distributor. Our goal was to find out why R. Stafford chose FusionRMS and how the implementation went. Who does R. Stafford Company serve? We sell products, wholesale, to licensed cosmetologists, salon owners, manicurists, etc. […]

27 August, 2015 - - Partner Successes -

FusionRMS sat down with Doug Hollenback, President of Intuitive TEK, a trusted advisor in the areas of accounting and ERP solutions. We specifically discussed a recent implementation for their client, R. Stafford Company. Below is the interview with Doug: How was your experience? Our client, R. Stafford Company, had been using an outdated Telnet-based POS solution […]

10 June, 2015 - - News -

Did you know that promotions have an impact on over half of the UK’s consumer market? Its all in the statistics. In a recent survey of over 2,000 UK adults, gender and age play a role in how consumers react to promotions. Over a third of the younger adults aged 18 to 34 reported that […]

7 June, 2015 - - News -

What role do your retail sales employees play? Do they play the villains or supporting characters? Your sales staff should play supporting characters! They should be able to listen to your customers, find out what they need, and be willing to offer solutions. This will benefit you as the retail owner, your customers, and your […]

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