11 October, 2015 - - Customer Successes -

Las Vegas tourists expect fast, friendly service. Branded merchandise retailer Shelby American, Inc. delivers just that. But before they invested in FusionPOS for Sage 100, the company often had problems behind the scenes – and at the registers at its two stores. IT Director Richard Sparkman says their system is “much smoother and easier now” […]

11 October, 2015 - - Payments -

Many of you have inquired about the EMV certification with FusionPOS over the last couple of weeks, and today (09/28/2015) we received our certification with the Ingenico IPP350 and the ISC 250 devices. This was the first major hurdle in working with the new EMV rules with PayGuardian. What does that mean? At this point […]

27 August, 2015 - - Payments -

Integrated Credit/Debit Card with Fusion There have been a lot of questions regarding PCI and EMV compliance with the new standards coming down on October 1, 2015. In preparation for that we have provided an overview of what you can expect. What is happening with PC Charge and/or PayWare PC? Both VeriFone products are in […]

30 June, 2012 - - News -

Following a survey Celtech, a multichannel retail and wholesale IT provider, determined that more than one-third of retailers cannot respond quickly to constantly evolving customer demands; because of their outdated IT. Ninety out of the 100 retailers in the survey  considered themselves a multichannel business – but out of these 90, over 53% admitted they […]

28 June, 2012 - - News -

According to the data from a survey conducted by Great Clips, customers aren’t willing to wait very long for a service before they leave. Great Clips, a hair salon franchise, found that 94 percent of customers don’t think anything longer than 5 to 10 minutes was a reasonable amount of time to be left waiting. […]

18 May, 2012 - - Retail -

Great article on the increasing popularity of show-rooming and how smart phones have caused this to mushroom. The author does a great job in discussing the need for retailers to identify if this trend impacts them, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that their retail store has the highest conversion rate […]

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