Since the emergence of e-commerce and its subsequent popularity, the retail world was split into two: the physical brick-and-mortar stores, and the online virtual stores. With the recent developments in mobile technology being thrown into the mix, no one is quite sure if virtual commerce will finally be able to take over. This article addresses the more important question of how these two worlds can combine to make an even better “retail paradigm” and strengthen the total shopping experience altogether. As it stands, retailers have created two distinct shopping experiences both online and offline. The differing promotional goals, product assortments, and often inconsistent pricing have resulted in confused and agitated customers. With mobile commerce coming into play, it won’t be necessary to force customers to choose between the benefits of the all-encompassing experience provided by physical stores or the convenience and accessibility provided by online stores. The gap between the two can be bridged by technology. Retailers need to bring the quickness and vast amount of available inventory provided by the internet, into their stores by using new technologies that allow them to better control inventory and manage stocks. Adopting mobile payment technologies also eliminate the need for the ever less tolerated check-out line. These are among of the few ways retailers can use the virtual world to enhance their physical stores instead of just supplementing mentioned as well as advice on how to keep up in the evolving future of retail.

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