The Epicurean brand is a way of life. Based in Superior, Wisconsin USA, Epicurean was born out of a company that made eco-friendly municipal skate parks. The company had developed a wood composite used for the ramps which was extremely durable and non-porous, but later on it was also found to be food and dishwasher safe. Using their excess materials, the company created cutting boards as gifts to family and friends, but demand quickly soared and they began producing and selling a variety of kitchen tools using their wood composite. Today, Epicurean brand products are synonymous with proficient and improved food preparation and has revolutionized the wood kitchen products industry.


On April 28 2018, Epicurean held its first warehouse sale at their state of the art manufacturing facility on the shores of Lake Superior, Wisconsin. The idea was to make room in their warehouse for new items by inviting the public to come and browse their inventory of seconds, discontinued, and over-stock items, everything priced to sell.

Attendance turned out larger than expected and the event was a complete success. Humbled by the support and interest in their products, Epicurean decided to plan for another warehouse sale on October 6th, 2018, but this time with a few improvements to avoid some of the issues encountered in the first event.


Among the planned improvements, avoiding the long checkout lines experienced in the first sale was crucial to keep customers satisfied and maintain an efficient flow throughout the whole process. The regular Epicurean store trusts their day to day retail activity to their FusionPOS register and an ERP. Seamlessly integrated, this robust combo simplifies and enhances Epicurean’s regular operation need, but to improve the checkout experience at the upcoming warehouse sale they anticipated the need for additional FusionPOS registers to waiting periods.

Based on the overwhelming attendance at the last sale, we wanted to make sure we were prepared!”comments David Humme II, IT Manager Epicurean US.

“Among many other enhancements we decided to add 3 more registers for the checkout process during our Saturday sale.” With the three extra registers, the plan was to have a total of four checkout lines running at all times during the event.

“What’s so special about these? Well, they run FusionRMS which integrates with our ERP system”, David explains. “The Fusion system pulls inventory levels and pricing in real time from the ERP data tables and automatically relieves inventory as transactions are completed. This means there was no ‘data cleanup’ needed on Monday and the transactions go into the ERP as a regular invoice batch just like any other sales, which aligns with our existing accounting processes.”

In anticipation to the event David contacted Fusion Support for assistance in the planning and the seamless addition of the registers to Epicurean’s operation. As result, the warehouse sale was a huge success and ran very smoothly without problems.

“During the sale, we had 473 transactions go through the system. The Fusion registers operated flawlessly and most importantly, our customers were happy” expressed a satisfied David.

“I just want to say thank you to Fusion for the assistance over the last week and a half. We really appreciate you helping us make it happen and for your great communication and willingness to assist. I know it’s your job, but I still appreciate the way you do it!”

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