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Four must-have strategies for a successful online store

By Alan Chester, VP of eCommerce at Luzern  With the adoption of online shopping continuing to soar, brands are evolving their eCommerce strategies and upscaling their digital storefronts. While attractive and functional web stores are essential to reach and engage existing customers, entice new buyers, and grow conversion rates – brands must do more, or risk being left behind.  This article features the four must-have strategies every brand should embrace for…

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Why physical stores are still vital for retail

Photo by Atoms on Unsplash During the Covid-19 pandemic, online became a fundamental channel for retailers. Even as overall retail spending decreased, eCommerce sales grew over the previous year. The impressive results may overshadow that eCommerce still represents just a small percentage of total retail sales: in the U.S., the number is as low as 14.5%, according to eMarketer data.  This means that over 85% of retail still happens in physical stores, which makes a synergy between online and…

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What COVID-19 did to customer loyalty

As retailers grappled with out-of-stocks, research found that 75% of consumers opted to shop alternative brands. Consumers recently have become more loyal to the brands they shop. According to a survey from e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo released last November, a quarter said…

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New Age Retail

In early 2020, retail was predictable. Clothes were neatly stacked on shelves and displayed on mannequins, shoppers browsed in search of just the right item, and online orders came into the warehouse and awaited fulfillment. Then COVID-19 hit, and a…

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