13 August, 2018 - - News -

While some customers feel they cannot trust salespeople, retailers often face customers who tell white lies to get better deals or avoid making large purchases. This story covers the five most common lies customers tell.  These range from, “I can’t afford it” to “…just looking.” You have to be prepared to handle these customers tactfully […]

10 August, 2018 - - News -

When it comes to running a small business, you have one weapon that many bigger businesses don’t have: the ability to connect to your customers personally. One way that you can do this is to communicate with your customers via social media. You can talk to frequent customers, write to them, and give them perks […]

8 August, 2018 - - News -

Check out ways to encourage your customers to buy additional items before they leave. One great way to accomplish this is to make your customers see something else that improves their first purchase. This works great if you sell flooring, apparel, window fashions, and more. The most common phrase from any sales clerk is, “Anything […]

6 August, 2018 - - News -

Small businesses can come across challenges in the early days. Your product or service could be great, but if customers don’t know about it, they can’t buy it! This article examines some of the ways new businesses with limited resources may be able to reach out to the mass-consumer market. The four tips here will […]

3 August, 2018 - - News -

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs up and quit, but some of the most common reasons can be found below. Entrepreneurs must start up their businesses in the right state of mind and be prepared to make sacrifices along the way. Entrepreneurs can also burn out and quit if they select the wrong co-founders and […]

1 August, 2018 - - News -

A new revenue model is on the horizon for retailers, requiring them to qualify and quantify the shopping experience they provide to their customers. This blog post explores the changes retailers will see in the near future. These changes completely transform the way brands rely on profit margins and the way shoppers think about brands. […]

30 July, 2018 - - News -

As e-commerce continues to grow, retailers are beginning to adapt to different technologies to keep up with the demand of growing sales. Regardless of the temptation to turn to automation, companies are finding out that it is in their best interests to keep a workforce that can maintain and manage the demand. The demand for […]

11 July, 2018 - - News -

In order to succeed in business, you need to work hard, keep up with trends, and stay ahead of your competition. But, of course, if you are reading this, you already know that. So you know what it takes to succeed, but do you know what you may be doing wrong? Even though you may […]

9 July, 2018 - - News -

Although consumers have multi-channel shopping experiences at their fingertips, most retail purchases are still made in brick-and-mortar stores. This article shows you how you can empower yourself in the digital age and avoid common marketing mistakes. Learn how to be more accurate in your retail listings, and make sure your website is easy to find. […]

4 June, 2018 - - News -

How do you leave your customers feeling happy with their shopping experiences? Happy customers are most likely to be repeat customers. If you want to satisfy your customers, find out how you can align your prices with the customers’ perceptions. You can also please your customers by being honest and delivering on promises. Make sure […]

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