18 December, 2018 - - News, Retail -

In order to gain a foothold in the market, small businesses need to stand out. They can do that by offering values or services that separate them from their competitors. As the owner of a small business, you should be an out-of-the-box thinker and leader. These things and more will win your small business large […]

12 November, 2018 - - News, Retail -

Anyone can be a victim of credit card theft, but as a small business charged with protecting customer data it’s important to guard against it. This article highlights some ways to protect yourself and your customers when it comes to credit cards–from not storing credit card data for use later to matching the names on […]

Fusion Software today announced their partnership with Honeywell International (https://www.honeywell.com/) to market and sell their advanced handheld solutions with Fusion's Warehouse Management System (WMS). The agreement enables Fusion to deliver cutting-edge mobile and scanning solutions to an extensive network of resellers and partners in several industries.

“Today every retail or hospitality company has a POS system which helps the hotels, restaurants and retail to calculate their daily to monthly revenue and income. Though a POS system can help the company know what it is earning, it still fails to give the company a larger picture in terms of forecasting, inventory, supply […]

25 September, 2013 - - Retail -

Retailers put a lot into running their stores. It takes cash, time, more cash and more time to be successful! In the back of our minds is always the fear that a big-box retailer will move in and ruin everything we’ve worked for. I’m reminded to the Stockdale Paradox described by Jim Collins in the […]

23 September, 2013 - - Retail -

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, having access to reliable transactional data about your business is extremely important. Whether you own two stores or 200 stores, you need accurate data to make critical business decisions—from handling inventory to managing your cash flow. Let’s look at three concrete ways in which accurate data provided by an integrated […]

As technology continues to advance it is important to not be left behind.  As a business owner this may mean it is time to invest in a POS (point of sale) system.  POS systems offer some significant advantages over cash.  Here is a look at just ten of those advantages Simplified Accounting Point of sale […]

18 May, 2012 - - Retail -

Great article on the increasing popularity of show-rooming and how smart phones have caused this to mushroom. The author does a great job in discussing the need for retailers to identify if this trend impacts them, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that their retail store has the highest conversion rate […]

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