What products/services does your company provide?

We opened a convenience store in the foodservice industry.

Who does your company serve?

We serve walk-in retail customers and employees.

What is your role at the company?

I’m the CTO of Hawaii Foodservice Alliance .

Which accounting system are you using?

We’re using Sage.

How did the implementation process go? How about the sales process?

We had an extremely compressed timeline, and Fusion did everything in their power to get us up and running on time. Jake helped us get the hardware we needed, George got the software installed promptly, and Jeremy was able to help troubleshoot everything we ran into and get the software integrated just the way we wanted it within just a couple hour-long sessions. It was very impressive.

What is the biggest benefit you hoped to receive by implementing FusionRMS?

We were hoping to get good Sage integration with our POS software, since we already had our company’s infrastructure built around Sage for the primary warehouse-side of the foodservice industry.

What was the process like before FusionRMS?

We didn’t have any point-of-sale software previously set up. This convenience store is our first step into this space, and that’s what makes the implementation process that much more impressive. With the super-compressed timeline and this being our first venture into the retail space, it’s unreal that we were able to pull it off with Fusion’s support.

How has the benefit paid off now that you have FusionRMS installed?

We have a store that is able to run without any issues, and we have great reports both within Sage and with Fusion’s own pre-configured Crystal reports that we warehouse in our company’s production database instance.

The primary benefits are not having to troubleshoot and being able to quickly, easily access the data in a sane manner.

Testimonial from Alex Byrd of Hawaii Foodservice Alliance
Location: Honolulu, HI

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