logo-rstaffordFusionRMS sat down with Kelly Nix, the Director of Stores and Assistant Buyer for R. Stafford Company, an independently owned wholesale beauty supply distributor. Our goal was to find out why R. Stafford chose FusionRMS and how the implementation went.

Who does R. Stafford Company serve?

We sell products, wholesale, to licensed cosmetologists, salon owners, manicurists, etc.

What is your role with R. Stafford Company?

I am the Director of Stores and the Assistant Buyer. I spend a lot of my day interacting with my stores by phone and over email. I’m also involved in the purchasing process.

Which accounting system are you using?

We are using the new FusionPOS system for our stores. We just launched it on July 1 of this year. We have Acumatica on the warehouse side, which is new as well. We launched both together because of their ability to talk to each other.

Why did you choose Fusion/how did you decide?

We chose Fusion because it integrated well with Acumatica and because it has ERP.

What was the process like before Fusion?

Our previous system was extremely old. Over the years, our computer person had tweaked it to make it easier, but it still took new employees in our stores quite a while to learn. For instance, doing returns in stores with money back was very difficult. The old system didn’t tell employees what cash back they needed to give customers.

What is the biggest benefit you hoped to receive by implementing Fusion?

We wanted the system to be more efficient and more reliable. Our old system would drop about once a week, and that would mean losing inventory if we were in the middle of an order.

How did the implementation process go?

It went pretty well! The training for Fusion lasted quite a few months, but it also involved our employees in our stores practicing with it on the terminals, which was awesome.

The Fusion support team has been very helpful and extremely professional. They know what they’re talking about, and if they don’t know on the spot, they get back to us within a day. Emails from them are constantly coming through, and they’re always available by email and often by conference call too.

How did Fusion resolve any pain points from your previous POS system?

Fusion is much more efficient, it’s more corporate-controlled, and it’s also more modern. We’re able to balance funds with more accuracy, and that will improve even more with future developments. For instance, right now employees have to punch in the dollar amount of the merchandise they’re selling, but with the new system, they’ll be able to see the amount when a customer swipes their credit card.

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