Las Vegas tourists expect fast, friendly service. Branded merchandise retailer Shelby American, Inc. delivers just that. But before they invested in FusionPOS for Sage 100, the company often had problems behind the scenes – and at the registers at its two stores. IT Director Richard Sparkman says their system is “much smoother and easier now” because FusionPOS integrates fully and seamlessly with their ERP. Fusion’s personalized service works well too: From the start, they were assigned “one guy instead of an entire department.” Sparkman says his Fusion contact knows “everything about our process” and is available to answer questions anytime.  Fully customizable FusionPOS automatically integrates Shelby’s sales, inventory, and accounting transactions to its ERP the way the company wants. That means no more time wasted on double entries and far fewer errors at the point of sale. With FusionPOS, Shelby customers now leave happier and more loyal than ever.

What products or services does your company provide?

Shelby American, Inc. is a car manufacturer, but we also have two retail stores that provide branded merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia, apparel, and car parts.

Who does your company serve?

We serve the end customer. The bulk of shoppers in our retail stores our tourists to Las Vegas.

What is your role?

I am the IT Director for Shelby American, Inc.

Which version of Fusion did you invest in?

We invested in FusionPOS for Sage 100.

Why did you choose Fusion/how did you decide?

Our support partner for Sage 100 recommended Fusion. We looked at in great detail and determined that it was the best fit for what we wanted to accomplish, which was better integration with our ERP software.

What was the process like before FusionRMS?

In our old environment we performed nightly exports and manually imported them into our ERP software. Back then we only had inventory adjustments rather than recording the actual sales dollar amounts, like we have with Fusion now.

What is the biggest benefit you hoped to receive by implementing FusionRMS?

We were looking for a replacement for our old system, one which would give us better integration with our core ERP software. Fusion was the perfect fit.

How did the implementation process go?

Implementation was easy and quick. We were given a single point of contact with whom I could work throughout the process. Through this direct conversation, the implementation time was kept to a minimum, more often with Fusion waiting for us rather than the other way around.

What did you think about the service Fusion provided?

We were assigned one guy to interact with (Jeremy Sharp) instead of an entire department, which was really helpful. Jeremy knew everything about our process. The service was smooth and quick, and we got the results we originally wanted. Plus, Jeremy is still available to answer questions today!

How did Fusion resolve any pain points from your previous POS system?

The overall operation of the system itself is much improved. Our old system wasn’t integrated with ERP, so every item sold had to be entered into that system. It also had to be entered into our POS system, which meant time-consuming double-entry. The system is much smoother and easier now.

How has the benefit paid off now that you have FusionRMS installed?

Our processes are now streamlined and roles clearly defined. Management has the relevant sales data that allows them to make their business decisions. From an IT standpoint, the integration means less attention needs to be given to the interaction between Fusion and our ERP. The registers are far more stable than on the older software, and we have far fewer errors being made at the point of sale.

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