Following a survey Celtech, a multichannel retail and wholesale IT provider, determined that more than one-third of retailers cannot respond quickly to constantly evolving customer demands; because of their outdated IT. Ninety out of the 100 retailers in the survey  considered themselves a multichannel business – but out of these 90, over 53% admitted they were outdated and weren’t integrated across all channels.

The survey also determined the top three challenges for retailers. The most popular issue was introducing new channels to increase competitiveness. Second was responding faster to customer demands, and the third was providing a seamless and consistent experience to customers from all channels. When asked what the reasons were behind these issues, less than 25 percent said they felt like they currently had good business transparency. A little over one-third said they’d like their IT systems to increase business visibility so they could respond faster to customers, and 42 percent said their IT systems were holding them back and that they’d consider changing them.

The most popular reason for an IT change was to “future-proof” the technology and business, but only 19 percent of those surveyed were willing to adopt new and innovative technology to increase competitiveness. More than a third admitted they’d only want to try new solutions if absolutely necessary. These results are worrying to Celtech’s chief executive because those surveyed were aware that more could be done, but they weren’t willing to make proper changes to reach business potential. By the time retailers come to terms with the reasons why they aren’t satisfying customers, it may already be to late.

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