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More than just digital marketing, a platform that helps build and manage deeper customer relationships.

Managing and Improving Loyalty Is A Top Priority

Fusion Software seeks to deliver quick, powerful and intuitive solutions that move the retail industry away from antiquated and overpriced legacy solutions. With a progressive, sleek and cutting-edge technology, Fusion is disrupting how retail systems are developed and utilized by their end customers and retail establishments. With the addition of OnLoyalty, Fusion now offers a unique suite of marketing, customer engagement and retention solutions for organizations to manage every stage of the customer journey: acquire new customers/members, learn about them, communicate and reward their loyalty.

What is the Fusion OnLoyalty Platform?

More than just digital marketing, the Fusion Loyalty platform helps build deeper customer relationships. It’s a provider of powerful and integrated customer engagement and retention tools that goes beyond retail and can be implemented by any organizations in any industry. Ranging from Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs to Digital Marketing, Membership Communication or Brand Community Management, the OnLoyalty modules can be mix & match to your needs.

OnLoyalty Modules

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

OnLoyalty CRM is designed to automate your business process and build better relationships with your customers. It helps you to get an insight into the behavior of the customers and modify the business operations to ensure that customers are served in the best possible way.

Marketing Campaigns & Promotions

Manage and control your marketing campaigns in a single administrative dashboard. Whether it be for all of your stores or individual participating stores, you can publish directly and send your customers notifications instantly.

Business / Location Directory

OnLoyalty provides a powerful tool of information which lists businesses or locations within niche based categories. It provides one-click contact information, business descriptions, and geolocation to show the distance of the user to the place of interest, and provides a map to guide it there. Categories can be organized at your convenience through our cloud-based dashboard.

Calendar & Events

Manage and publish your special events to your targeted audience. Promote one event or many, it’s up to you. Includes geo-location, social sharing and personal calendar integration.

Loyalty & Rewards

Empower your community of customers or members by allowing them to collect points for purchases or activities performed. This is an excellent method to help increase the local economy and motivate locals and visitors to stay local to collect benefits.

Real Time Analytics

Track, analyze and manage all of your customer relationship campaigns that are easily accessed from any computing or mobile device. No more waiting for reports from third party services or interpreting complicated technical data. This convenience gives you more time to directly engage with your customers.

Go Digital. Go Mobile.

Mobility has become one of the biggest game-changers in retail businesses today. Just having a POS system is not cutting it anymore. Fusion’s Gift Card and Loyalty were built to seamlessly extend the reach of your business to interact with your customers wherever they are.

Additional Features.

White Label/Private Label Flexibility

Provides customers the flexibility to store all gift/rewards cards in one place

My Wallet

Provides customers the flexibility to store all gift/rewards cards in one place

Store Locator

Users will always know how to find you, whether at home or on-the-go. This function is integrated with Google Maps.

Customer Rewards

Reward your customers in the manner you deem most fitting.

eCard and Physical Gift Card Interoperability

eCard and physical gift card balances can be painlessly combined, further fostering transactions between you and your customers.

Admin Dashboard

The intuitive single dashboard allows you to track your gift card app usage and tweak your marketing strategy appropriately.

Digital Member/Customer ID Card

Gives you greater control over when your patrons make purchases through your establishment.

Convert Loyalty Points to Gift Cards

Gives you greater control over when your patrons make purchases through your establishment.

Simple Card Reloads

Offers easy reload functionality, helping to ensure your patrons never have an excuse not to buy your products.

Real Time Balance Updates

Your customers will always know just how much they have left, or when it’s time to reload their card and continue making purchases.

Available on iOS and Android

Fusion Gift card is a prerequisite for Fusion loyalty application services.


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