Comparison of Acumatica’s and Fusion’s
Warehouse Management Capabilities

At Fusion, we partner with Acumatica to provide state of the art warehouse management capabilities to clients of all sizes and requirements. Our continuous innovation provides deeper and more specialized functionality focused on complex warehouse environments.

FusionWMS uses Android devices and technology proven in over eighty Acumatica installations and thousands across many ERP platforms. Still completely embedded in Acumatica, FusionWMS has no external tables or applications other than the software on the handheld device. Installation is as easy as installing an Acumatica customization package and downloading the handheld software from Google Play.

Side by Side Comparison

Supports Android DevicesYY
Custom Screen DesignY
Purchase Order Look-Up on HH (By Vendor)Y
Receive PO / TO to Stock Location on HHYY
Receive PO / TO to Dock Location on HHYY
Receive Two Step Transfer on HHY
Force Individual Item Scan Or Enter Qty on HHY
Receive Multiple Purchase Orders on HHY
Multiple Handhelds on One ReceiptY
Scan or Enter Lot/Serial/Exp Date on HHYY
Add Picture to Purchase Order Receipt on HHY
Receive in Multiple Units of Measure on HHYY
Local Caching on HH for DisconnectY
Batch Scan of Serial Numbers at Receipt on HHY
Assisted Putaway - Display Stock Location on HHY
Batch Scanning of Serial Numbers on HHY
Separate Pick / Pack / Ship functionsYY
Independent Pick SequenseY
Zone PickY
Paper Pick - Manual Pick / Scan to Ship for TO / SOY
Paper Pick - Scan to Pick / Scan to Ship for TO / SOYY
Paper Pick - Scan to Pick / Manual Ship TO / SOYY
Pack Shipment (Desktop)Y
Manual Packing (Scan Packages then Products)Y
Supports Integrated Scales - DesktopYY
Carrier Selection on DesktopYY
Pacejet Integration (LTL, Domestic and International)Y
Local Caching for DisconnectY
Wave Pick / Cart PickYY
Multiple Pickers Per ShipmentY
Confirm Shipment on HandheldYY
Paperless Pick - Scan to Pick / Manual ShipTO / SOY
Paperless Pick - Scan to Pick / Scan to Ship To / SOY
Paperless Pick - Load Next Shipment from HHY
Pick to Pallet on HHY
Batch Scanning of Serial Numbers at PickingY
Pack Shipment to Pallet on HHY
Pack Shipment on DesktopY
Batch Scanning of Serial Numbers at PackingY
Stage Shipment on HH for Future ReleaseY
Item Location Look-Up on HHYY
Add UPC From HHY
Bin Contents Look-Up on HHYY
Lot/Serial Drill Down on Item on HHY
Physical Count
Reduce Pick Count by Picked ItemsYY
Real Time Entry of Count Quantities on HHY
Batch Scanning of Serial Numbers During Count on HHY
Inventory Control
Inventory Receipt on HHYY
Inter-Warehouse One Step Transfer on HHYY
Intra-Warehouse One Step Transfer on HHY
SO Transfers Shipping (Ship Station)YY
Inventory Issue on HHYY
One Step Transfer of All Bin Montents on HHY
Batch Scanning of Serial Numbers at Transfer on HHY
Pallet Inquiry on HHY
Create / Edit / Delete Pallet on HHY
Inter-Warehouse Transfer of Pallet on HHY
Intra-Warehouse Transfer of Pallet on HHY
Acumatica Manufacturing - Fusion Shop Floor
Move to Complete Production from HH or TabletY
Material Release from HHY
Labor Entry from HH or TabletY
Local Caching for DisconnectY

Have any questions? Talk to Us or Book a Demo!

Have any questions? Talk to Us or Book a Demo!

Contact us for a quick no-obligation chat with one of our experts. We can walk you through how FusionWMS would fit your business needs and provide a step-by-step guide to getting started.

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