We recently sat down with Matt Gray, Customer Service Director for FusionRMS. Our topic of discussion was the newly released FusionWMS for Acumatica – Advanced.

Can you explain the benefits of  FusionWMS for Acumatica – Advanced?

The WMS component is a handheld interface for processing inventory and moving inventory into, within, and out of warehouses. It extends the functionality of Acumatica to a gun, so you can be mobile throughout the warehouse.

Its primary benefit is that it allows you to be mobile, but it also has a quick installation and real-time integration, meaning you can scan and update in real-time.

Who benefits from Advanced?

Any warehouse operations team would benefit, but so would accounting/finances and purchasing departments because the software processes real-time numbers from the warehouse. This means you can make purchasing decisions right now instead of basing them on outdated information.

FusionWMS – Advanced builds on Core. How are they different?

Advanced includes the standard Core functions as well as restocking capabilities, pallet-tracking, license-plating, paperless pick-sequencing, and more.

Why is it helpful for all functionality of Advanced to be built directly into Acumatica?

Because it offers real-time integration; it allows for a small footprint; and anything you can do with Fusion, you can do with Acumatica as well.

A lot of systems require you to export data out, process it, and then import it back in – you often lose info that way. With Acumatica, you just refresh, and you can see it all.

What’s in the pipeline for Fusion?

EDI integration and dock-management capabilities are just two technologies in development.

As we move forward, nothing is more important than a high level of integration. FusionWMS – Advanced is the only software that’s built within Acumatica directly.

As Acumatica advances, FusionWMS – Advanced will be compatible with the upgrades with no problems.

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