Like Batman for inventory geeks.

FusionWMS for Sage 500 is truly a marvel.

Improve your profit margins and customer loyalty with FusionWMS, the competitive edge for smart business owners. This potent inventory technology works beautifully with Sage 500 to increase your productivity from top to bottom.

Whether you’ve got multiple branches or one central location, you’ll love how this successful business tool reduces operational costs. FusionWMS also enhances your inventory efficiency and accuracy while improving customer service, deliveries, and order fulfillments.


Your secret weapon.

Fully customizable to your business needs, FusionWMS for Sage 500 automates all of your distribution center operations.

  • Efficient Receiving – Choose paperless, full, or partial receipt, PO or non-PO. You’ll love the simpler user interface, which improves worker productivity and automatically prints barcodes when complete.
  • On-Time Shipping – Get immediate sales order verification, integrate multiple carriers, and ship and track multiple orders simultaneously. FusionWMS easily handles partial orders and backorders and automatically prints shipping labels, pick tickets, packing lists, and invoices.
  • Trackable Inventory Movement – Get custom Crystal Reports™ and automatic lot, serial, and bin maintenance. Create transfers with just one click, whether one-stage or two-stage.
  • Accurate Physical Count – Built-in error resolution is coupled with powerful automatic validation and auditing to support multiple bins and item views with advanced reporting.
  • Customized Printing – With multi-location support, integrated Crystal Reports™ lets you print inventory in stock, on order, or fixed amounts, and make quick and easy changes anytime.

Bulletproof efficiency add-ons.

Tailor your system with Fusion’s wide choice of optional modules to handle light production and job tracking, along with real-time shipping.

  • Streamlined Shipping – No more wasted time double-checking orders vs. shipments. FusionWMS instantly verifies every scan and gives you handheld data terminal access to sales info. Get all of your order, packing, and invoice printing and reports with automatic updates direct to your Sage 500 accounting system with each order.
  • Error-Free Receiving – Eliminate manual entries and their errors with advanced Fusion Receiving to keep it all organized, accurate, and quick. All received items are immediately verified against specific POs, so you’ll never have another double entry or incorrect count again.
  • One-Click Transfers – With Fusion Inter-Location Transfer, you just pick the items, source, and destination warehouses, and in one click you’re done. Fusion even automatically creates the inventory transaction in your Sage 500 system.
  • Timesaving Counts – Fusion Physical Count saves you time across multiple warehouses, bins, and lots. This module also lets you easily audit whenever you want, to keep your employees accountable year-round and save on lost inventory.
  • Intuitive Barcode Printing – Improve customer satisfaction with barcoded labels on all of your inventory. Fusion Barcode Printing prints your desired number of labels (or your current, on-hand quantity) for a single item or range of items.

Become virtually invincible today.

With FusionWMS for Sage 500 in your arsenal, inventory management is a breeze. Let us show you how this powerful tool can improve your inventory and retail operations. Complete the form at top right, or call us at 214-420-5144 today.

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