In response to ever changing market conditions, Fusion Software announces a new license model for FusionWMS:

  • For Acumatica versions 19R1 and beyond, beginning July 1st we will combine FusionWMS-Core and FusionWMS-Advanced into one product.

FusionWMS enhances Acumatica’s new warehouse management capabilities and add many additional and necessary features. As reference, a side by side comparison of Acumatica’s and Fusion’s warehouse management capabilities can be found in our website,

FusionWMS uses Android devices and technology proven in 80+ Acumatica installations and thousands across many ERP platforms. Completely embedded in Acumatica, FusionWMS has no external tables or applications other than the software on the handheld device. Installation is as easy as installing an Acumatica customization package and downloading the handheld software from GooglePlay.

At Fusion, we partner with Acumatica to provide state of the art warehouse management capabilities to clients of all sizes and requirements. Our continuous innovation provides deeper and more specialized functionality focused on complex warehouse environments.

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