Personalized shopping is the trend for both online and brick and mortar stores and more technologies are coming for support. Heat cameras in stores can tally customer traffic, for example, and Wi-Fi can track a person’s movement with their cell phone. RFID device tags record how often something is picked up, telling marketers what piques peoples’ interest.

Online, marketers can turn to applications that examine Facebook accounts to help them design outreach strategies. MicroStrategy, a worldwide provider of business intelligence software, recently launched Wisdom Professional, an app that explores personal information on Facebook (users must opt in). By combining market research and Facebook data marketers can design a message for a very specific group.

According to research, consumers in a store purchase 64% of the time, but when they use the retailer’s dedicated app, that number jumps to 85%. Online conversion to purchases is only 30%. Marketers need to find ways to get shoppers to not just browse but buy, and targeting ad campaigns to their specific needs is the way to do that.

Find more examples of how technology is working this trend in the article.


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