Point-of-Sale signage has always provided retailers with unique ways of connecting with consumers using a variety of different formats. One of the newest most promising interactive POS technologies is the Holographic Greeter, introduced by the Marketing Ad Group. The Holographic Greeter provides a life-sized 3D animation projected onto a life sized cutout and can tell customers about new products; advertise special offers or direct customers to featured products. Information   pertaining to in-store sales or exclusive offers can be programed into the hologram for additional incentive for people to interact with it. Other options are also available to make the holographic greeter even more engaging, including the ability to project the hologram’s voice to passer-byers outside of the store in order to draw in more street traffic. Using AromaFusion to emit specific scents related to a particular product or mood makes the Holographic Greeter connect with customers through the sense of smell. These features are only some of the ways the Holographic Greeter is gearing up to be a highly effective POS tool and have a major impact in retail stores everywhere.


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