With the multitude of ways for consumers to shop, it’s important for retailers to not get carried away in the various channels provided by new technologies, and forget the basic in-store marketing principals that cultivate customer loyalty. In the NRF blog Retail’s Big Blog, Rob Gruen of Array Marketing was asked how retailers can cater to the ever expanding number of retail channels, while still providing the personal attention customers have come to expect; and what strategies retailers can adopt to effectively cater to both. He reminds retailers to go back to the basics in their physical retail stores and maintain their brand integrity by making sure they have a good understanding of how customers view their in-store experience. This involves the same basic principles of marketing that have been around forever: measuring store traffic, looking at in-store conversion rates, and remembering the four P’s of marketing. Gruen goes on to give recent examples of how retailers have adopted this strategy and successfully managed to reconnect with their customer base and had positive results, and lastly offers advice to help retailers evolve with the industry.



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