Beauty supply store owners work with some of the most complex product, promotion, and pricing structures in the wholesale and retail world. That’s not to mention your  licensing compliance issues, different customer types, and your need for instant, accurate inventory reporting.

Say goodbye to manual record-keeping for pricing or client type, because Fusion’s Beauty Supply POS makes it all easier and more intuitive than any other system, no matter who’s at the register or in the home office. It’s built to simplify complicated beauty supply store operations and offers easily customized, automated reporting to keep your store on track at all times.

No other beauty supply POS makes it easier to:

  • Sell and track even when the internet fails. Yep, you read that right: No more wasted time or apologizing to customers because “the computer’s down”. If the internet disconnects, Fusion POS’ dual local and cloud-based system retains full functionality – and synchronizes all transactions with corporate as soon as you’re reconnected.
  • Stay in compliance with salon and beauty supply licensing laws. Not only does Fusion POS record customer behavior, it also tracks each of your customers’ license numbers and notifies you when a license has expired, ensuring full and up-to-date adherence to state regulations.
  • Create customer-specific order templates. When a repeat salon customer’s order is the same or similar from month to month, Fusion POS instantly recalls their order details without requiring new manual key entry each time.
  • Sell inventory at a beauty conference or other virtual location. Sales at beauty supply trade shows and popup stores are easy-peasy with Fusion POS software’s mobile cash register on your iPad or other mobile device. Sell product right off the trade show floor, knowing it’s being instantly inventoried at corporate with no manual updating needed later on.
  • Easily break down cases or assemble kits, even with the same SKUs. With Fusion POS Beauty Supply, it’s just a simple point and click to sell the same SKUs in different ways, take a case apart to sell individual bottles, reassemble a divided case, and create a custom kits.

Of course, like all Fusion POS systems, you also get highly flexible pricing scenarios to make price promotions and volume adjustments easy – with no more manual price lists. It also manages resale certificates to keep tax charges accurate, and transactions, sales metric imports and credit card processing are all seamlessly integrated into your accounting system and website.

Fusion RMS truly sets the standard in beauty supply POS systems. Call us at 214-420-5144 to schedule your in-store demo.

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