Maintaining good profit margins while selling perishable inventory is what makes gar-den and florist retailers some of the trickiest businesses to run. Throw in continually-changing seasonal demand and competition from big box retailers and you’ve got one of retail’s most complex niches.

Fusion Point of Sale changes all that. Fusion’s advanced POS software simplifies all of your business operations and gives you the tools you need for happy customers who keep coming back. For one shop, multiple stores, and online sales, this user-friendly platform streamlines register sales, tracks and replenishes inventory, and even promotes your business with loyalty programs and gift cards.

With FusionPOS, you can:

  • Speed up your lines. Cashiers love the simplicity of Fusion’s touchscreen func-tionality and gift card integration. Your customers will love how fast they check out.
  • Integrate easily with your existing structure. FusionPOS integrates seamlessly with your website, ERP, accounting system, and credit card processing. It also manages your vendors – no matter how diverse.
  • Get instant inventory replenishment and updates. Track your live and continu-ously changing inventory in real time to know what’s in stock, what’s on order, what’s in transit and what’s needed. FusionPOS also includes receiving and shipping inventory from the store to your customers for delivery, or to set up pickup times and locations.
  • Save time on raw inventory calculations. Create selections and arrangements for seasonal sales, then disassemble unsold items back into raw inventory once the season was over. FusionRMS automatically and accurately recalculates raw in-ventory and costing data, saving valuable time.
  • Track customers. Maintain a complete and detailed sales history and increase re-turn business with easily implemented customer loyalty programs.
  • Produce valuable reports. FusionPOS gives you advanced business analytics capabilities so you can view your sales history, make accurate projections and tweak operations where needed to continually boost your ROI.
  • Don’t get left hanging. Our knowledgeable sales and support team handles eve-rything from software and hardware setup to integration with your website and ac-counting platforms. Best of all, we’re always there to provide you with any support you need.

Call 214-420-5144 today and allow us to demonstrate how Fusion’s powerful POS can streamline your business’ operations – and keep your financials always coming up roses.


Our clients include:

“FusionRMS has a unique combination of a highly knowledgeable sales and support team coupled with an easy to customize, easy to use Point of Sale system that completely integrates with our SAGE 100 accounting system. For almost ten years now, we have been extremely happy in our relationship, and look forward to rolling out new functionality, including mobile registers.”
Matt Shaw, CFO

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