Fusion Franchise Management – The Complete Franchise Solution

Fusion Franchise Management offers Franchises full cloud-based control on all retail, distribution and accounting for both the franchisor and franchisee. Up to the minute sales and details to know where your business is at.

Sales & Royalty Reporting

  • Point of Sale Integration and Sales Reporting
  • Royalty Calculation and Billing based on Franchisor Rules
  • Electronic Funds Transfer on Collections
  • Full GAAP Accounting with Complete Strong Audit Trails

Inventory Control & Distribution Management

  • Real Time Integration – No duplicate databases or sync processes required.
  • One/Two Step Transfers frees the operator to independently execute transfers entirely from the gun.
  • Serial and Lot Traceability
  • Paperless Pick – pick list detail can be loaded into the gun – eliminating the need to print a paper pick list.
  • License Plating allows for assignment of a License Plate or Pallet ID which, when scanned, represents a collection of items.
  • EDI Integration
  • Bin Volume Constraints allows a Max and a Min by quantity or volume for each bin.

Loyalty & Rewards Program – (www.onloyalty.com)

  • Customer Appreciation Rewards Management
  • Points Management
  • Available on iPhone, Android App
  • Schedule Events, Invitations, and promotions to mobile devices.
  • Measure Responses in real-time by geography and location
  • Accepts Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal.

Franchise Recruiting

  • Track and Manage Prospect Franchisees
  • Consistent Team Recruiting Processes
  • Use a Single Application for Recruitment through Franchise Operations
  • Configure to Your Success Factors, Characteristics and Measures of Successful Franchisees
  • Report and Analyze Results with a Full Suite of Reports and Reporting Tools

Franchise Management, Performance and Reporting

  • Manage Franchise Compliance of Critical Events
  • Managing Franchise Openings – Compliance, Accounting, Events and Tasks
  • Franchisee Portal and Communications
  • Franchisor Field Staff Reporting and Management
  • Franchisor and Franchisee specific Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators
  • Powerful Browser Platform and Mobile Apps – build out Franchisor Specific Applications for Field Team and Franchisees.

Franchise Accounting

  • Powered by Acumatica
  • Cloud-Based
  • Franchisee Accounting for Select Accounts and Analytics
  • Full Franchise Accounting

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