Fusion POS for Liquor Stores

Whether you operate multiple locations or one single store, your liquor business’ competitive edge requires flawless service and outstanding value. FusionPOS leaves nothing to chance, so your wholesale and retail liquor store customers get fast service, clear pricing, and correct invoicing – no matter what.

This system makes it easy to deliver excellent customer service while controlling and monitoring wine and liquor sales and inventory across changing price variables and multiple locations. Best of all, it’s the easiest liquor store software POS out there, so your front line staff can be consistently prompt and professional.

How do we beat the others and exceed your expectations?

  • Vintage wines are easy to set up by year. Fusion’s powerful liquor store POS system means no more wasted time setting up separate inventory items for each vintage of the same wine.
  • A local and cloud-based system means all stores and corporate HQ can conduct business as usual – even when your internet connection is spotty or breaks down. That means no more excuses or frustrating delays – plus it instantly synchs all offline transactions as soon as your connection is restored.
  • Easy to sell the same SKU with different prices. Break up your cases, six- or eighteen-packs into single units, and build them back up as much as you like. FusionPOS simplifies inventory and pricing on multiple configurations of the same SKU with no manual work or confusing instructions for staff to follow.
  • Kits and multipack options are simple too. Why do liquor store owners avoid Buy One/Get One and other promotions? Because it’s not worth the trouble at the register or in their sales and inventory reports. With FusionPOS you can set your promotional creativity free. This system handles it all beautifully.
  • Pricing has never been simpler. Wholesale and retail customers won’t throw it off track. Neither will fractional pricing. And Fusion’s system makes changing prices based on cost to match supplier promotions as easy as pie too.
  • Easy reporting for regulatory and compliance requirements. Never again devote endless hours to data manipulation to meet regulatory report requirements. Fusion’s liquor store POS software offers easy-to-understand yet sophisticated reporting capabilities.
  • Integrates out-of-of the-box with major accounting systems. Already have a great accounting system like Sage or Acumatica? Good news! FusionPOS integrates with major accounting systems giving you a best-of-breed solution.

You’ll love how Fusion’s Liquor POS solution supports case management and customer reward programs. Its seamless integration keeps track of your inventory and automates purchase orders and pricing. Fusion even helps with system-wide changes to your inventory items so you can sell and redeem gift cards, analyze profit and loss margins, and discover which items are your top sellers.

Call 214-420-5144 today and let us demonstrate how Fusion’s powerful POS can simplify your liquor store’s finances and operations.

Our clients include:

“We have been using Fusion RMS for about a month now and feedback from our staff continues to be highly complementary. The staff has commented on how user friendly the POS system is and how quickly they were able to learn it and use it successfully. Fusion has been a breath of fresh air considering all of the issues we dealt with on our old POS system. No more dropped sales, printing problems, or widespread system shut downs! Processing is faster and our customers have commented about that as well. We are extremely pleased now that we are better able to serve our customers.”

–P Davis, Director

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