Museum and Gift Shop Retailers require specific technology to manage their business. For over 15 years, Fusion Point of Sale has helped companies like yours succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Whether you are an upscale Museum of Modern Art, or a local Artist Gallery, Fusion POS for museums can track the information you need to run your business. As a retailer, your goal is to deliver premium customer service at the register, along with the expertise and personalized service coupled with the duty to accurately track their live and continuous changing inventory, manage their diverse venders and streamline their business operations. With its offline capabilities, ease of use, and quick ROI, Fusion POS has grown to be a household name amongst hundreds of retailers in the Museum and Art community.

Loyalty. Trust. Happy Customers.

Serve customers as individuals, using the same tools retail giants do. Make every customer feel like a valued friend by keeping customer records as complete as you like them. Happy customers are repeat customers. Besides building a loyal customer base, Fusion POS features speed lines and helps ensure accurate accounting.

Manage Inventory

See, manage, move, price, and control inventories across multiple store and distribution locations. Make informed decisions with real-time data. Maintain a unified view of each customer whatever the sales channel. Connected solutions let information flow to customers, business partners and employees. Companies can now streamline operations to make their enterprise more nimble, responsive, and productive. Fusion POS closes the loop on customers to build more dynamic, lasting relationships.

Any Inventory. Any Store. Any Museum POS Terminal.

Most companies track inventory at the distribution level, not the store. Companies lose billions of dollars each year because inventory is inaccurate. Fusion POS for a museum can tame stock, inventory, and sales methods – including your services, layaways, work orders, back orders, purchase orders, and transfer orders.

360 Degree Integration Eliminates Double Entry

Easy integration with the Internet and other software packages avoids double work and broadens management visibility. Fusion POS amiably integrates with legacy systems, accounting/financial software other from QuickBooks(c) to SAP(c), EDC, credit card services, and the Web. Instore traffic, catalog sales, phone orders, and Web traffic feed each other, enabling you to run your enterprise as one working unit. Fusion POS helps you maximize cash-in from every “touch” and transaction.

Fast, Flexible and Full Featured Reporting

Make smarter decisions using accurate and timely data. Exploit thousands of standard report possibilities or design your own. The Fusion POS report engine runs the longest reports with blazing speed. Better reporting power gives you tighter management and higher profits. Now you have the option to take reporting to the next level with Fusion Business Analytics, and OLAP design tool that lets you organize, review, edit and publish data to anyone within the organization.

Perhaps one of the most fundamental decisions that you could make to shape the future of your company is your software choice. Many executives are so consumed by daily operations that they fail to notice the negative impact their archaic, ill-fitting, or outgrown software systems are having on their business. In addition, it is important to choose a foundation that will enable you to grow or change as your business evolves. Finding the right software system for your company can be a difficult task, requiring extensive research and expensive trial and error. This is not so with Point Solutions. Fortunately, all the research and testing has been done for you through years of collaboration between software experts, retail business owners and satisfied clients.

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