Selling on the fly and at trade shows just got a whole lot easier. With Fusion RMS point of sale, you’ve got your own virtual store right in your hands on any trade show floor.

Just grab your iPad, tablet, laptop – even your smartphone – and start selling your inventory where ever, whenever, with no wires, extension cords or the other ususal trade show headaches.

Whether you’re selling comic books, coffee, or wind power, Fusion RMS instantly gives you a fully comprehensive mobile POS system which lets you:

  • Sell anywhere, anytime. With Fusion point of sale, you can sell your inventory right off the trade show floor, create backorders, and ship product from elsewhere. Get 24/7 access to sales, operations and intelligent inventory tracking all in real time.
  • Have all product inventory on the floor. View costs and profit margins, put in orders, check out, and invoice products just as if you’re behind the counter at your store.
  • Keep your customer database up-to-the-minute accurate. Add new customer information or edit existing profiles directly into the system from your mobile device.
  • Charge accurate sales tax no matter what state you’re in. Fusion makes life easy when your store is in one state and the trade show is in another. Just set the specific tax rate for the event. Fusion charges accurately and keeps it all organized and easily trackable.
  • Sell offline. No internet (or spotty internet connection) at the show? No worries. With a Fusion POS system, you can sell and run all operations with or without a connection. No manual updating is needed later either; all transactions and entries are automatically updated when you’re reconnected later.

Fusion RMS lets you sell anywhere, right on your mobile device with full access to your entire POS system data. It’s affordable and integrates beautifully with your third party credit card processor, accounting system, and your website.

Start maximizing the time and money you spend on trade shows. Give us a call today at 214-420-5144 for a free demonstration.

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