Every year, while more and more customers do their shopping online, a Forrester research survey shows that 75% of customers still prefer to buy products at a store. In-store pickup is the optimal combination of online research and the in-store shopping experience; and should be worth the considering to implement for a variety of reasons. Along with benefits for the customer including: no shipping fees, easy product returns and eliminating wait times for orders; merchants get benefits such as increased online conversion, in-store up-selling at the time of pickup and the ability to sell a larger product catalog online than individual stores can hold.

There are two types of in-store pickup retailers can implement. The first is fulfilling from store inventory, this method allows for same-day pickup but limits it to items only carried in that store. The second ship to store method, allows online shoppers to access all available inventory at any store location and ship products to the most local retailer and pack them together in one convenient purchase.

Along with proven add-on sales increases, in-store pickup allows for greater flexibility in product selling. Customers can now buy items such as home appliances, firearms and tires that often require the assistance of a local shop while having the ability to see customer reviews and the entire product catalog online.


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