Technology is increasingly more complex, and even though you might know what your business needs; deciding who is right to manage that technology is another issue to consider altogether. In-house IT specialists might be closer to your business and be able to deal with issues quickly, but they also must keep with technological advancements and be able to handle all of your technological needs.

Rather than holding all of your IT in-house, consider hiring a third-party IT vendor to support your IT staff and your business without the added expense of additional full-time staff and training. Here are some things to consider when thinking about outsourcing IT functions:

  • Be sure you know prospective vendors’ reputations, especially their reliability. You don’t want to hire a company on the brink of shutting down.
  • Understand your IT model and a general cost to compare proposals.
  • Ask how they handle additional costs not included in the contract. You don’t want to end up paying significantly more than you originally agreed to.
  • Find out what potential vendors’ business values and goals are to see if they align with yours. This way you are not just looking to solve short term IT problems but considering the long term plans.

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