Near Field Communication, or NFC, is a major engine that is revolutionizing the way people pay for things on their smartphones. More smartphone retailers have been selling NFC-enabled phones that work through Google Wallet, a smartphone app. With this app, you can use your phone to make payments at point of sale machines without touching your actual wallet.

The the list of currently NFC-enabled phones doesn’t include the Apple iPhone, but it’s rumored the next generation to be released may be NFC enabled. However, iPhone users can use Moneto, which comes with an NFC enabled MicroSD card to pay for things on their phone. The SD card works when the user activates a prepaid account that allows them to make purchases at PayPass-enabled machines. Android users can also enjoy this convent payment method with the MicroSD card, but with some limitations. For example, Android users may have to stand closer to payment devices due to the amount of energy required to power communication.

Two new patents coming to market will upgrade these MicroSD cards, increasing the distance they’re able to operate and even getting rid of external booster altogether. Tyfone announced these new patents last month, along with plans to make these patents and other MicroSD solutions able to be licensed.

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