Multi-user systems are defined as systems with more than one station. For instance, there might be one cash register at the front of the store, and a computer in the back office purchasing orders and inputting other data; but they are connected through a server. This is also known as a local area network or LAN.

HP rp5700 Point-of-Sale (POS) System

A company benefits from a network because it allows the computers to share information, hardware (i.e.: printers), and software located on the server.

Often times the server is simply one of the networked computers, which should be located in a more isolated area, away from the busy storefront. Special software will need to be purchased to create a network, and the article details whom to choose the right one. The article goes on to define network terms for clearer understanding.

In the rest of the four-part article, Part 2a and 2b explains which multi-user system is best for your business, Part 3 defines multi-store and Internet based systems.

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