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As an accounting software reseller for major companies like U.S. Food Service, Expedia, and dozens of retailers, Opus Consulting Group has to feel very confident with every product it recommends. That’s why the company works with Fusion Retail Management System. Opus CEO, Tim Phillips, says that a lot of companies he’s worked with are all over the sales phase… but they tend to peter out during implementation. Not so with Fusion. “FusionRMS was excellent,” says Phillips, who appreciates FusionRMS’ setup flexibility and customization options. “I’ve worked with FusionRMS with 3 different companies,” says Phillips, “and the level of service and integration is hands down efficient.”

What is your role?

Tim Phillips, CEO, Opus Consulting Group

What products or services does your company provide?

We provide enterprise resource planning software.

Who does your company serve?

We’re an accounting software re-seller for companies that need general ledger, like retail stores, doctors’ offices, US Food Service, and Expedia.

Which version of Fusion did you invest in?

Sage 100

How was your experience specifically with implementation?

Excellent! I’ve worked with FusionRMS with three different companies. The level of service and integration was hands down efficient.

Did FusionRMS support you in the selling process? Please explain.

Yes. For the first company, we spent time with FusionRMS and looked at the customer needs to make sure the integration process was going in the manner that we wanted. The second time was an easy process since we had already worked with FusionRMS. Now we are back for a third time using FusionRMS to provide a product for our customer’s needs.

How did FusionRMS support you in selling to the client?

We did a conference call. Fusion did a demonstration of the product. We found that Fusion was a good fit which I told the customer. If we wanted to do something custom, FusionRMS was open to that. It’s always nice to know that option exists.  FusionRMS had a lot of flexibility and setup options.

How was it different from other relationships you’ve had in selling products?

A lot of companies tend to be responsive in the sales process, but on the implementation process they are not. FusionRMS was responsive both on the sales side and in the implementation process of the product as well.

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