Typically, the services of large companies; more small and medium sized businesses are turning to cloud computing – storing data on a server located at a service provider’s location and accessing information remotely – for protection from hackers. Cloud computing offers other advantages as well, like the exponential growth of data processing by even small companies.

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Companies and organizations hold information that they want to keep secure but can’t always afford a full-time IT staffer to manage it. Eric Cooper of the San Antonio Food Bank turned to cloud computing to protect the organization’s donor list and complex supplier network.

Cloud businesses have the money to provide all of their customers the security policing and countermeasures against hackers that many businesses can’t afford to do themselves. Unfortunately, the size of these cloud hosts can be a problem due to multiple server entry points, which hackers use to hurt servers and access sensitive data. That fact hasn’t stopped the trend toward cloud computing for security, however.

Any small or medium-sized business still resisting the move to cloud will change its mind when it is hit.



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