New technological tools are being released almost every day in our ever evolving world. This article pinpoints a specific new technological tool: the wireless sensor. This tool has the potential to disrupt any and every industry in practice today.

These little sensors have the ability to detect and record endless amounts of data. Anything from temperature, to what people say, to traffic in stores and on roads; can be collected and recorded for use by all types of businesses. Smaller start-up companies are already experimenting with the potential this technology has to offer. Pots and pans will have the potential to sense when they are warm enough to cook food, or the food is cool enough to eat. It will no longer just be the smartphones that are ‘smart’ but ‘smart’ counter tops and ‘smart’ garden soil and so on; will soon be possible.

This article urges established companies to contemplate the best way to use sensors to benefit their businesses. The choice to ignore this technology could be detrimental to the future success of already established brands. Here is an outline of how established companies can “think like a start-up” when it comes to sensor technology.

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