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Store Manager

The Fusion Store Manager is the hub of retail store operations and contains three
essential elements

Fusion Store Database

All register transactions are immediately recorded on the local Fusion installation.

Communication Manager

Controls all communication between the Fusion Store Database and the Fusion Corporate Database.

Reporting console

Provides local managers access to critical store performance data.

Since Fusion Store Manager contains all information needed to manage store operations, stores can conduct business even when internet connectivity is interrupted. The ability to operate stores autonomously while providing real-time data processing is a core benefit of the Fusion platform. The Fusion Store Manager also employs a small technology footprint. In smaller installations, it can operate on the same machine as the register.

System Manager

The Fusion System Manager contains two components. First is the Fusion Corporate Database. The FCdb is the central repository for all information collected from the various Fusion Store databases. In addition, it contains all the relevant information from the ERP system.
The Fusion System Manager also contains the Accounting System Integration (ASI). The ASI is a unique operating protocol tailored to each ERP. It dictates the nature and extent of the integration. Its core function is to:

  • Optimize efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Allow multiple business models (retail/nance; retail/wholesale/nance) to operate simultaneously without sacrificing functionality
  • Improve visibility into all aspects of the business
  • Maximize return on the ERP and RMS investments

The unique configuration of FCdb and ASI allows FusionPOS™ users the ability to change their underlying ERP as their business needs change without affecting core retail operations and more importantly the user interface at the register.

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