The publisher of Point of Sales News analyzed the problems retailers are experiencing with internal theft. A survey conducted by on retail theft and fraud revealed that respondents experienced more internal theft than external by a 3-1 ratio.

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Almost three quarters (71.4 %) of retailers in the survey responded that internal theft was a major issue for them, compared to the other 28.6% that responded with external theft as a major issue. 83.3% of the subjects answered that they had some sort of loss prevention system within their retail location, but only 57% have CCTV cameras installed. For the most part these cameras hung over the checkout area or near the door.  Only 42.9% had cameras facing the checkout station to observe the employees at the point of sale.

Approximately 40% of the respondents have experienced internal theft through sweet hearting or scan avoidance and 50% have experienced bar code fraud. There were close results when subjects were asked about the effects of the recession on theft and fraud. Sixty percent felt that recession brought more theft into their stores while 40% would argue that theft was much more prominent 10 years ago in the recession of 2002.

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