25 April, 2013 - - News -

New research released by CompTIA, an information technology trade association, reveals that technology is more important than ever to retailers; but they are not yet using it as well as they should be. While seventy-two percent of retailers responded that technology is important to their business, only seven percent say they are “exactly where they […]

3 August, 2012 - - News -

Technology that affects the retail sector is constantly evolving, giving retail outlets a variety of options for improvement. The retail business sector is hugely important in the US, not only to everyday consumers looking for good and services but also as the home of many of the largest US employers. Only about 36% of retailers […]

16 July, 2012 - - News -

Technology is increasingly more complex, and even though you might know what your business needs; deciding who is right to manage that technology is another issue to consider altogether. In-house IT specialists might be closer to your business and be able to deal with issues quickly, but they also must keep with technological advancements and […]

13 July, 2012 - - News -

As retailers add more web applications to their operations and store tons of web data, “cloud” services become more popular. Using cloud-based computing makes sense because it can store as much data as a retailer has, but it can come with its own risks, particularly if the host’s servers go down, like Amazon Web Services […]

18 June, 2012 - - News -

Point-of-Sale signage has always provided retailers with unique ways of connecting with consumers using a variety of different formats. One of the newest most promising interactive POS technologies is the Holographic Greeter, introduced by the Marketing Ad Group. The Holographic Greeter provides a life-sized 3D animation projected onto a life sized cutout and can tell […]

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