New research released by CompTIA, an information technology trade association, reveals that technology is more important than ever to retailers; but they are not yet using it as well as they should be.

While seventy-two percent of retailers responded that technology is important to their business, only seven percent say they are “exactly where they want to be in using technology.” 29 percent said they are “very close.” As far as spending goes, 63 percent of retailers believe they will increase IT spending, with large retailers increasing their spending the most.

Interestingly, geo-location services ranks highest for adoption intention with one in five retailers actually using geo-location technologies or other similar technologies. Retailers might see this kind of service as a defensive move against consumers who visit a brick-and-mortar store to evaluate a product, but purchase it online for a lower price, a new trend known as “showrooming.”

Mobile payment systems are also growing in use and interest. Thirteen percent of retailers say they are using a mobile point of sale system and nineteen percent say they plan to use the technology in the next year.


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