If retailers want to keep the attention of 16-25 year olds, they will have to not use technology; but use it in innovative ways. Consumers are beginning to choose their brands based on that brand’s ability to use technology, in fact. However, it isn’t enough to make a video; brands must give customers a seamless online and in-store experience.

ND Press

Here are some examples the article gives on how technology can be and is used in stores:

  • In-store mobile engagement to check stock and purchase items
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) for “contactless payments”
  • Free Wi-Fi in store for customers
  • LCD screens and HD projection for video interactivity

The article emphasizes that technology must be integrated into the culture of the brand, because consumers interact with the brand through technology as opposed to simply receiving information. One example mentioned is a digital community board in a coffee shop: customers create content through their mobile devices, the brand interacts with the customers and then content is created that the brand can use later. This kind of relationship allows the brand to measure impact while also enhancing its value.



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